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Agriculture of the Future: GAF Talks gathers big agribusiness names to discuss the impact of new technology in the field

  • The launch meeting will be held on March 29, at the Sheraton WTC, in São Paulo
  • The Project will have talks by former Agriculture Ministers Roberto Rodrigues, Francisco Turra and Alysson Paolinelli, among other experts
  • Heads of technology companies, such as IBM and Microsoft, will discuss the trends in the AgTech industry in Brazil and across the world
  • The event can be watched live on Facebook do GAF


São Paulo, March 2017 – Agriculture of the future will be the center theme of the first GAF Talks, an international series of meetings that will discuss the main trends in the Agriculture and Livestock industry. The launch event will be March 29 at the Sheraton WTC, in São Paulo. The meeting will gather the main agribusiness leaders both from the public and the private sectors and major technology players.  

GAF Talks is a project of the Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF), an event which, in its most recent event, held on July 2016, convened the major authorities and business leaders of the industry in 50 countries. President Michel Temer, Ministers Blairo Maggi and José Serra and the governors of the States of São Paulo, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, among others, are some of the Brazilian authorities participating in the event.  


Agriculture of the future and communication

With the live Facebook link, GAF Talks will approach, among other themes, both the AgTech (technology for the agribusiness), Big Data in the field and use of innovation as an instrument of management and support to decision-making regarding both risk and investment. The importance of rethinking agribusiness communication in this new construct will also be among the issues discussed.

The latest GAF Talks is motivated by the advance of new agriculture technologies, such as monitoring and tracking systems, use of data as a control mechanism, drones, Artificial Intelligence, software and applications destined to the Rural Producer.


Confirmed Attendance

GAF Talks will count on renowned agribusiness experts. Was already confirmed the attendance of former Agriculture Ministers Roberto Rodrigues, Francisco Turra and Alysson Paolinelli. Among the other speakers are Mauricio Antônio Lopes, Chair of Embrapa and Alan Jorge Bonjanic, FAO’S Brazilian Representative.

The event will also offer talks by leaders of major technology players, such as Ulisses Melo, Director of IBM, and Franklin Luzes Junior, COO of Microsoft Participações Ltda. In addition to Roberto Lasalvia Schmidt, Marketing Director of TV Globo to address consumer perception of the agribusiness.


Restricted to invitees, GAF Talks can be watched live at GAF’S Facebook page.

More information will be soon provided at the GAF’s Website at platforms StartAgroPlant Project and Uagro.

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