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GAF TALKS Worldwide Monsanto CEO warns about global shortage of areas suitable to agriculture

Monsanto CEO, Hugh Grant was the main international speaker of GAF Talks, an event held by DATAGRO last Wednesday (29), in São Paulo (SP). During his lecture, Grant drew attention to the global shortage of areas suitable for agriculture, using an apple as an example an apple.

With the fruit in hand, the executive began to cut it, first dividing it into four equal parts, where three of them represent the water of the oceans, most of which is snow or ice and too salty to allow growing anything.

As for the fourth part of this first division, this is the representation of the amount of soil in the world. However, according to Grant, half of it is composed of deserts, swamps or mountains and mountain ranges, which also makes the cultivation of food difficult.

In this division, said the executive, there is only one eighth remaining. So, according to Grant, if you take this eighth part and cut it into four again, three parts of it are too rocky, damp and cold soil; and steep for planting. "This leaves us with only 1/32 of the apple. If you take this 1/32 and remove the peel, the peel represents the soil of the earth: the ground available to farmers in the world," he said.

In view of this scenario, marked by restrictions of area and the need to increase production and adaptation to climate change, the executive pointed out that the agriculture of the future must undergo the increase of productivity driven by new technologies.

According to Grant, it is necessary to produce more with less natural and financial resources and inputs, where, for example, fighting scourges and diseases on crops will have to be done by means of integrated solutions of chemicals, biotechnology, biological control, among other innovations.

In this mission, the executive stressed out that solutions for agriculture are essential to increase productivity and efficiency in agriculture. "I am a great enthusiast of big data tools in the field," he said.