GAF - Global Agribusiness Forum


In the challenge of combating climate change, carbon market opportunities - anchored in achieving economic returns through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions - must reach Brazilian farmers. André Guimarães, Ipam's executive director and representative of the Brazil, Climate, Forests and Agriculture Coalition, highlighted a panel on climate change in the Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF), on Tuesday (24), in São Paulo (SP).

Guimarães said that today it is still deforested by a very low opportunity cost. In his presentation, the representative of IPAM and the Coalition emphasized the nexus between forests and agricultural production. "Either we take care of our forests or jeopardize our agriculture," he added, adding that "the Amazon Forest functions as a watering can for agriculture."

On the other hand, Guimarães also scored actions that are being developed in the Brazilian agribusiness in search of greater sustainability in production, with emphasis on integration-crop-livestock-forest (ILPF), intensification of production, conversion of degraded pastures to crops, etc.

Geographical changes

Also a panel speaker, Jason Clay, vice president of food and markets for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), warned that climate change is causing geographic changes in global agricultural production as well as reducing productivity in the field.

As examples, he cited coffee plantations in Africa, grains in the US, rice in Asia, among other cultures and regions. According to Clay, digital solutions, new seeds, cultivars, biotechnology are tools for agriculture to adapt to climate change. However, the WWF director also drew attention to the fact that, in his view, agricultural universities are not prepared to generate knowledge at the same speed as climate change is occurring.


Moderator of the panel, José Antônio Marcondes de Carvalho, Secretary General of Environment, Energy, Science and Technology of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), pointed out that the Paris agreement on climate change mitigation only result in a combination of between all countries.