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Genomics applied to genetic improvement is the next technological leap in livestock

Genomics applied to genetic improvement in cattle breeding is the next technological leap in livestock. This was highlighted by the director of the Associação Brasileira dos Criadores de Zebu [Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders] (ABCZ), Eduardo Falcão, in an interview in Global Agribusiness Forum Program, in the Rural Channel. According to the leader, advances related to this innovation will allow herds to produce more protein in less time and with fewer resources.

According to Falcão, ABCZ and Embrapa have a technical cooperation agreement in this area. Through the partnership, the two institutions work to obtain unique estimates of genome genetic value of zebu breeds in Brazil, which will give important contribution to meat quality and feed efficiency of animals in more sustainable production systems.

The leader points out that one of the expected results of the agreement is the formation of a robust database with unified bases, which will allow to standardize the genetic evaluations of the Brazilian zebu breeds. With this, says Falcão, it will be possible to provide technical information to identify genetically superior breeding animals, with important impetus for animal breeding. With funds from the federal government in the amount of R$ 3.5 million, the project will be developed within one year. Currently there are about 170 million animals with zebuine genetic in Brazil.

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