GAF - Global Agribusiness Forum


Officials from international entities highlighted on Tuesday (24), in the Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF), in São Paulo (SP), the relevance of free trade as an instrument to mitigate conflicts between the various links of agribusiness production chains.


The opinion was shared by Arnaud Petit, executive director of the International Grains Council (IGC); José Orive, director of the International Sugar Organization (ISO); and Roberto Betancourt, of the International Animal Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), director of Fiesp's Deagro and president of Sindirações.

In his presentation, Petit also pointed out that the cost of transportation of crops is increasing in a structural way in South America, which is taking competitiveness of the grains produced in the region in comparison with the North American production. "This scenario is, for example, accentuating volatility in the soybean markets."

In turn, Orive highlighted the importance of integrating international organizations with regional entities to mitigate conflicts.

In addition, Betancourt pointed out that the worldwide increase in meat consumption has been surpassing the population growth, especially in Asia, due to income gains in the region. "This trend has demanded higher volumes of animal feed," he said, adding that aquaculture is the segment among meats, which is expected to show the greatest advances, driven by consumption.