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Value to consumers by greening the supply chain

firms are able to overcome adversities is by taking a green supply chain perspective. Our green concept in this chapter goes away from what some firms have been accused of unscrupulous marketing ploys. There are sad examples of inconsequent use of green promotion to attract consumers that primarily aims to sell more by deceiving brand perception or even making people feel guilty. This is not what we will discuss in this chapter. Here we want to show why (section on consumers), what (section on challenges) and how (section on implementation models) firms transform their businesses in green. The concept of green chain even suggests a collaborative effort and that rewards are fairly distributed among chain members, in the way that e.g. retailers reward producers by their green initiatives. This chapter ultimately aims to shed light on people’s common sense and show that some radical vocal opinions about environment and social initiatives are sometimes overemphasized. Here the economic pillar of the triple bottom line is taken as the foundation and a necessary condition to any action. We invite readers to go all the way to the concluding remarks and learn that there is a rational and profitable way to be green.

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